Self FACE Massage

It's not an uncommon practice for Hollywood makeup artists to perform a little face firming massage before applying makeup on set. ScarJo gets regular "inside-out" face massages by Nichola Joss who will make you cry during her in the mouth face massage routine. And before going on the red carpet, more effective than any serum, she'll have a firm face massage performed by makeup artist Frankie Boyd.  

There's no reason we shouldn't treat ourselves to the most face tightening techniques before we leave the house, because it only takes a few minutes. We'll show you how to do a simple lymphatic drainage and muscle firming face massage with oils that will work as a makeup primer. This short video massage guide can be used any time of day, and will help with puffiness or pooling of darkness under the eyes.

Sometimes serums aren't enough to achieve that youthful tight appearance. We suggest doing a cleanse, toning and performing a face massage. Wipe off the massage oil (acts as an oil cleanse) and use a toner again or essence then apply your serums from water-based to oil-based. Then apply moisturizer and over that your SPF (daytime) and if you use a mattifying primer for makeup, or a silicone based primer, that would be the final step before applying makeup. 

Not up for all that? Just come in and we'll do it for you ;)