Stacy is still in the same location, but is now operating as Aeris Skin and Beauty with a new website. Please visit .

I simply can’t say enough good things about Stacy and Melle at Green Tara Skin & Body. Both ladies are masters at their craft and I am always so appreciative of their level of service and how they truly care about their clients. My skin always feels amazing after a facial with Stacy - she definitely takes the time to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. I’ve also seen Jennifer for facials when Stacy was on maternity leave and she was also great - very knowledgeable in skin care and a delightful personality. Melle is one of the BEST massage therapists I have ever been treated by. She is intuitive and a natural healer. These ladies are top notch and I look forward to every visit!
— Van D., reviewer on Yelp

Melissa ( Melle ) Welch Kakamakov

Formely the sole proprietor of Melle Massage, Melle has been a California Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) for eight years and Licensed Esthetician for a little less, and just recently got certified in performing Exilis services in medispa environments. 

Melle’s massage is bodywork with a goal in mind. Humans are driven by intellect and spirit, and can be held back by the limitations of the body. Taking care of your body and maintaining good health are key to living up to your full potential.

Recently certified in Berodin speed waxing services (March 2018)!

I’ve been going to Melle for several years now and I’m trying to see her at least once a month. Prior to Melle, I’ve tried many different places, but Melle has the special touch to know exactly how to find and then work out the tight knots. What is most amazing is that she uses the right amount of pressure that is on that fine line of pain and therapeutic. In all cases, I come out of the session feeling like jello afterwards for a long while. Highly recommended. I even got my wife hooked to see both Stacy and Melle. I was reluctant do this review since I’m selfish and want her all to myself. Hopefully, these positive reviews don’t create problems for me to get in to see her!
— Kevin K., reviewer on Yelp