Advanced Facial Treatment


Advanced Facial Treatment


Advanced Facial Treatment

$150 per advanced treatment (includes trial-size post-procedure home care solution kit $34 value each treatment) + 20% discount coupon code for full-size PCA Skin products (no expiration, may be used multiple times)


This facial uses advanced treatment applications to tackle complex skin conditions and combinations of them. We will use a progressive approach to produce mild post-procedure exfoliation, correct specific conditions, and accelerate results. There is such a wide range of skin conditions we can treat, for all skin types, even the most sensitive! Safe for pregnant and lactating women.

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The advanced treatment is customized to treat any combination of the following conditions:

acne / breakout-prone skin
post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin after acne blemish)
dry or mature acne
adult acne
inflamed acne
residual red discoloration after acne blemishes
dead surface buildup
uneven skin texture
asphyxiated skin (oily skin with dry surface buildup)
smoker's skin (yellowing)
sluggish skin
dull complexion
melasma (hormonally induced darkening)
menopausal skin
dehydrated skin
oil-dry skin
excessive dryness
impaired barrier function
sensitive skin
hypersensitive skin
extremely sensitive skin
stressed / irritated skin
non-inflamed psoriasis/eczema
aggravated psoriasis/eczema
aggravated rosacea (with acne)
keratosis pilaris
aging skin
sun damaged skin
ingrown hairs from shaving

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